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"Amazing. Very comfortable and casual setting. The instructor knows what she's talking about and is very inspiring. I've never had more fun in an acting class. I highly recommend it." - Ilona K.


"true professional...reasonably priced.."


"Rakefet provides one on one coaching skills. She spends quality time working on different scenes or how to view and react to each character differently. Because she is so energetic and experienced she is able to bring out the best of each character you play out of you. She offers a great environment for learning for both kids and adults. She even helps you register with different casting web sites. I highly recommend her. She is a true professional, very down to earth and reasonably priced." -Teresa J.


"helped me grow"


"This class is so much fun! i learned so much new stuff that i thought i knew but it was really clarified for me even more. Rakefet is so open to any questions and is so willing to help with anything. She is so sweet, both of them are. the environment is very unique and makes it easy to feel comfortable. Being in this class has not only helped me grow as an actor and be able to use my mind better as an actor, but it helped me grow as a quick thinker and a person. i have also watched other people in the class break out of their shells and be more confident and give them self a bigger voice. thanks kid factor." - Devi V.


"booking jobs regularly"

"Rakefet coached my son for both commercial and theatrical roles. His acting skills improved a lot and he's been booking jobs regularly. She was willing to coach him last minute for a part on a pilot despite some personal troubles. Sometimes, I email her suggestions about what my son would like to work on and she incorporates those into the sessions. She's very thoughtful and genuinely cares about my son's progress. Overall, I can't imagine a better coach for my son. She's been great." -Laura K


"you feel like a friend"


"When I first signed up for this class, I was a little skeptical because I didn't know what else I could be taught in acting. I had already taken high school classes and other side lessons, so I thought I was set. But Kid Factor really did teach me some valuable things. First off, you don't feel like a student. You feel like a FRIEND, which I think is awesome. Everyday the teacher, Rakefet, greets you warmly and starts off with improv exercises (some have become favorites between my friends and I). Then you have a class filled with games, scenes, advice, and laughs. This class does help shy people come out of their shells with the family-like atmosphere it has. And the best thing this class offered me was advice on what the real acting world is like. I learned how to find an agent, not get scammed, and how to get headshots taken. All necessary components to becoming a bona fide actor! I'd recommend this class to anyone who is planning on acting." -Danielle H.


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