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The Kid (F)Actor is a fun, interactive, and informative class that kids and teens will enjoy. Parents will know they are learning real life skills to use in the business of film, television, commercials, and theatre. The basis of this class comes from a love of children, a joy in fostering their creative expression, and a sense of mission about creating a class that is at the cutting edge creatively, and is about the whole person.

For the student that needs a little help coming out of their shell, this class will provide an outlet for creative expression and create confidence and self-esteem. For the student that is already outgoing, this class will provide real life skills they can utilize in the business and in their everyday life.

As a working actor and casting director, I have the information necessary and the years of experience required to mentor young actors. I want them to have fun, and I want them to be creatively open. I also want them to help them find a career path as young actors. Rejection and perseverance are issues that ALL actors deal with. For young actors this can be even more challenging. I will unlock their sense of play, and imbue them with the kind of enthusiastic determination they need to succeed in the film and television industry - and in life. 

-Rakefet Abergel


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Los Angeles, California

(646) KIDS-ACT

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