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Hebrew& Bar/Bat Mitzvah Tutoring

NEW!! Now offering one on one Hebrew Lessons and Bar or Bat Mitzvah training - ONLINE ONLY. Learn Hebrew, Judaica, about the Jewish holidays, and everything you need for the best Bar / Bat Mitzvah experience!


Rakefet Abergel is not only a fantastic acting teacher, she is also a fun Hebrew teacher! She is Israeli/American and speaks fluent Hebrew. She lived in Israel as a child and has been teaching 5th-8th grades at religious schools around Los Angeles for the last ten years. She also works weekly with students by Zoom one-on-one in half hour and hour long sessions.


See below for what students are saying!

"Rakefet has helped me in Hebrew by explaining every letter in the best way possible. I think I am going to remember everything that she taught me. She takes me step-by-step and makes funny jokes to make me feel good when I get something wrong." -OLIVIA, age 9

"I like working with Rakefet. She always listens to me and goes slowly to make sure I understand. The lesson always goes by too fast!" - JACK, age 10

“I have worked with Rakefet for a little over a year now and I love it. She is really encouraging and really chill. It’s easy to talk to her and ask questions. I really like working with her!"

- CHARLOTTE, age 12

“From the moment we met Rakefet, I knew she was going to be a wonderful teacher for my daughter. She’s professional, kind, creative and has respect for my child. My daughter looks forward to her weekly sessions with Rakefet, which is such a breath of fresh air as a parent. She’s truly the best!” - CHARLOTTE'S MOM

"I like working with Rakefet because no matter how much you know right now, you will be able to learn Hebrew. When I started I forgot everything I know and with her help I am reading now!"

- NOLAN, age 10

Teens & Library

"Rakefet is such an amazing teacher and I am grateful to have her as my teacher.  I have had a great time studying with her and with her guidance have learned all of the prayers very fast.  I am glad she has been there to teach and guide me the whole way."

- MIA, age 10

"From the beginning, Rakefet has been exceptionally attuned to my speed of learning, and answered every question that I could have. She always managed to perfectly understand the parts that I was getting quickly, and the parts that I needed more review on. It has been incredible working with her." - DEIVIS, age 12

"Rakefet is very persistent in getting me to learn and is a great teacher. I can tell she enjoys teaching a lot." - SKYLAR, age 12

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